About Us

Understanding our clients’ needs and investment style is of the utmost importance to us at Green Guard Group.

Business is far more than just making money; we work in partnership with each and every one of our investors so that we know exactly what they are looking for and how we can assist them.

We strive to build a portfolio that is the perfect fit for their needs to provide them with the targeted returns that they desire.

Successful investments demand insight and understanding. By thoroughly investigating every aspect of our selected investment opportunities we attain both. It is this relentless rigour that enables us to separate good options from truly great opportunities.

From finance to management we put every aspect of the business under scrutiny – only the very best survive – meaning that you can invest with confidence.

Invest in your future…

We specialise in sustainable investment opportunities. We understand that our investors are increasingly seeking investments that are not only financially rewarding, but also ethical, effecting positive change within our communities and our environment. Your investments directly finance green opportunities and projects, and help to fund the much-needed transition from a carbon-based economy to a renewable one, as well as attempt to solve a variety of environmental issues.

Our business is about…

…connecting investors to the right opportunities; collaboration is in our DNA.

We work closely with our network of project owners and experts to structure products and deals in such a way that aligns the interest of investors, directors and ourselves.

Even after we select a project we continue to cooperate with them in close partnership, continually monitoring the situation for our clients.