Ethical & Sustainable Bonds

For those who want to invest their money in an ethical way, there are a lot more options than there used to be, offering healthy returns.

Profit and principle can go hand in hand.

We’ve all seen what irresponsible company behaviour can do to us personally, our communities, environment and markets. But you have a choice – a powerful way to have your say in these issues.

Today’s variety of values-based investment funds means you can choose to invest in companies that are committed to doing what’s right for society and the environment, without compromising on returns. Our bonds can offer investors fixed returns, but they also affect positive change in our communities and the environment. We have a number of investment options to suit you and your requirements – including a variety of green and ethical projects and varying investment rates and terms.

Why Bonds

Our investors favour bonds because they provide predictable returns through fixed rate yields. That means that they can enjoy a more reliable form of income – with no sleepless nights.

For fixed initial investment, you can enjoy a stable return of 8-11% per annum between 2-10 years and, because it is asset backed, your money is more secure than in most other investment areas.

Green Guard believes astute companies recognise that contributing positively to employees, the community and society means they can be better placed for future growth. On the other hand, companies that pay no regard to the impact of their operations risk harming both their reputation and their ability to generate long-term investor returns.

Today, there’s lots of choice when it comes to finding an investment that is not only ethical and sustainable but has much lower risks.

We thoroughly investigate every aspect of our selected ethical and sustainable investment opportunities, with this relentless rigour, we are able to separate the truly great options from the good. From finance to management we put every aspect of the business under scrutiny – only the very best survive – meaning that you can invest with confidence.

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